Month: July 2015


Andy Dufresne: ‘That’s the beauty of music. They can’t get that from you…haven’t you ever felt that way about music?’ Red: ‘I played a mean harmonica as a younger man. Lost interest in it though. Didn’t make much sense in here.’ Andy: ‘Here’s where it makes the most […]

Souls Journey

The first third of your journey through life is for your body, the second third is for your mind, and the last third is for your soul. Home     Contact    Paperbacks   Ebooks   Audiobooks   Shorts Subscribe to this blog and get a FREE GIFT   […]


Beauty is natures operating instructions. Nature slows you down to appreciate the moment by connecting what is the deeper part of your soul. You appreciate the little things in life. It cultivates gratitude. It cultivates compassion. Louis Schwartzberg Home     Contact    Paperbacks   Ebooks   Audiobooks […]


Great teachers often make you do an incredibly difficult task that seems pointless. Why in the world am I having to go through this? you ask. Then at some point, maybe years later, you discovered that the task had a wonderful meaning because it helped you learn something […]